Elmer L Winter

"Hang in there, Elmer"

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Elmer L Winter

~ Born March 6, 1912  ~~  Died October 22, 2009
~ Past President, Manpower Inc.
~ Earned B.A. degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1933
~ Earned L.L.B. degree from the University of Wisconsin Law School in 1935
~ Awarded Honorary Degree, Doctor of Laws, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 1970


Elmer L Winter & his Car for 2000

~ Married in 1936 to Nannette Rosenberg. Winter has three daughters: 
Sue Freeman, Lynn Gross and Martha Gross. 
Has one son-in-law: 
Robert Tracy. 
Has eight grandchildren: 
Ellen Byrd, Kathryn Lederman, Gail Feinstein, Tara Gruzen, Alexander Gross, Sarah Gross, Daniel Gross and Rebecca Gross. 
Has thirteen great-grandchildren: 
Rachel Byrd, Natalie Byrd, Aaron Byrd, Alexander Lederman, Julia Lederman, Jodie Lederman, Sivia Feinstein, Avi Feinstein, Elimelech Feinstein, Ari Rangarajan, Eli Rangarajan, David Gross and Gaia Gross.
~ In 1990, Nannette Winter passed away.  In 1992, Winter married Hope Melamed.  

Elmer L. Winter

100 Manpower Place

Milwaukee, WI 53212 USA

Ph:  414-906-6250

Fx:  414-906-7878

Please Contact Mr. Winter's Office at: barbara.dickmann@na.manpower.com

The phrase from above ... "Hang in there, Elmer" ... is a reference to a sign that remains on Mr. Winter's desk which helped motivate him to move the programs referenced herein forward despite some of the perceived odds against them.